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Welcome to Wonderland Wizards - Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Wonderland Wizards Youth Hockey Association is to provide an outstanding educational-athletic organization,
such that every child, through their participation in the program can enjoy a positive, character building sports experience.

Emphasis will always be placed on education, personal development and sportsmanship.
The individual role of players, coaches and parents will be defined and maintained to create a positive culture in which all can honor the game.

And above all else,

“it’s always about the kids”


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Congratulations Mite A - State Champions
 Congratulations Mite A State Champions    This...
Stick Time at Wonderland of Ice: Feb 20 - 24
Stick Time at Wonderland of Ice   Monday, February 20 11:00am...
Pulaski Strength Elite Summer Hockey Program
Pulaski Strength Elite Summer Hockey Program Start date: May 29...
Player Releases
Player Releases If you require a player release from the Wonderland...
Wonderland Wizards - ImPACT Test Concussion Management Program
ImPACT Test Concussion Management Program   The Wonderland...
Congratulations Mite A - State Champions

 Congratulations Mite A State Champions 


This past weekend the Mite A's had the honor of participating in the top tier CT State Championship Tournament. After a sluggish start, they dug deep and found their footing against Darien, Yale and Central in the round robin portion. After going 3-0, they then faced Central in a rematch for the Championship.  It was a battle but due to a strong desire and willingness to play hard the Mite A's came out on top with a 4-3 victory and were crowned 2016-2017 State Champs. The Mites win was due to timely contributions from all players this past weekend. Great saves, big time goals and wonderful passing was the secret to their success. The team has come a long way and earned the perfect ending to a fun and rewarding season. A big thank you goes out to the Wonderland Wizards Organization, the volunteers and families involved for their continued support and contribution. Their dedication and passion for the Mites program helped contribute to making it a successful and joy filled season. 



by posted 02/23/2017
Stick Time at Wonderland of Ice: Feb 20 - 24

Stick Time at Wonderland of Ice


Monday, February 20

11:00am - 3:00pm

Tuesday, February 21

11:00am - 3:00pm

Wednesday, February 22

11:00am - 3:00pm

Thursday, February 23

12:00pm - 3:00pm

Friday, February 24

12:00pm - 3:00pm


Fee:  $10.00


by posted 02/19/2017
Pulaski Strength Elite Summer Hockey Program

Pulaski Strength Elite Summer Hockey Program

Start date: May 29 – Sept 2, 2017


FOUR- One Hour Training sessions

TWO-  One hour skates Weds, and Fri @ 9 am

ONE-  One Hour sports nutrition meeting covers (supplements, meal replacements, food choices, and custom meal plan)

ONE-  Four phase custom hockey Lifting Program tailored to the player also a Performance screening.

Ages: 12 up

Group Size Options:

1 on 1 OR 2 on 1 OR 3 on 1

(All groups or teams over 4 must set time prior to May 1, 2017 to ensure spot)


Hours: 6am – 9pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 7am-1pm

Cost: All “Full” summer packages purchased by May 1, 2017 receive 15% discount

Full Summer including all above: $2,600 , Half Summer: $1,300 , Lifting Only: $2,000 , Just skating: $1,500

Teams over 4 players: $1,500 per player for package *

All Goalies ½ off total package (no payment for skate)


Our Mission:             

Purpose driven Strength and Conditioning programs that allow for increased strength and speed optimal for athletic performance!

We provide a service like no other around! We teach our athletes the techniques popular in today’s ever rapidly growing strength field so they can perform best within their given sports. Our staff provides a positive atmosphere conducive to each athlete regardless of physical ability, or previous strength and conditioning experience. We also encourage and provide sports performance nutrition plans. These nutrition plans allow for the reduction of inflammation which we know hinders athletic performance. When paired with training you can assure maximal results for each and every athlete.

All skating sessions, and training sessions are conducted by our staff at Pulaski Strength. Our staff has experience as high as the Pro Level, and we intend on making your child a better hockey player.

Outside skating instructors will be brought in for additional support to help kids with techniques and skating. We encourage a fun environment with the singular focus of getting your athlete to the next level.


Contact: Pulaski Strength

Peter Pulaski @ 203-362-9576 - Owner

Visit inside Wonderland of Ice, Back of Rink

by posted 02/18/2017
Player Releases

Player Releases

If you require a player release from the Wonderland Wizards, please provide the following information to Meghan Laganza at and she will submit your request to the CHC:

Child/Player Full Name


Phone Number


Name of New Hockey Program


In order for a release to be processed, all financial obligations to the Wonderland Wizards must be complete.

Thank you.



by posted 03/30/2011
Wonderland Wizards - ImPACT Test Concussion Management Program
ImPACT Test Concussion Management Program
The Wonderland Wizards have contracted ImPACT Applications, Inc. to provide a Concussion Management Program which has an online tool to a establish a baseline for the Concussion Management Program.

The ImPACT Test is a neuro-cognitive test that is one piece of the puzzle used in assessing recovery from concussions and determining the timing of return to play. It should only be used as a tool, and should not be the only deciding factor in returning a concussed athlete to play. It provides objective data and prevents athletes who hide their symptoms from returning to play before they are fully recovered.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Carefully read the information available through the following link:  General Information Pertaining to the ImPACT test.

2. Go to http://www.impacttestonline.com/impactteams  to begin. The Wizards' Customer ID Code:

3. Start the ImPACT test.

 The ImPACT Test is used by the NFL, NHL, and other professional sports organizations. It is used by many universities and is now recommended by some states for high school students. This test is recommended by the CIAC in Connecticut to be used as a baseline in Connecticut high schools.

For additional information on concussions or the ImPACT Test, visit:
                Wizards ImPACT Test - FAQ

Send any additional questions to: 

Gary Mazut ( ) or  .


by posted 08/21/2009
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